sitting on the side


hi got a 2000 f78 tdl had it three months now jus noticed it sits down on the drivers front side can any ony help chears

Crazy, This seems to be a pre

Crazy, This seems to be a pretty common problem in Rockys (Fourtraks). Mine leans to the right side, as does numerous others on this and other Daihatsu forums. It seems common right through the years. Mine is a 1985 F75, with aftermarket suspension. I have a theory, that it is the combined weight of battery, driver, and transfer case being offset to the right, that in combination, makes them lean to the right.
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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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Being an F78 it's independent

Being an F78 it's independent on the front. It' is possible that someone has 'played' with the hight adjustment, but managed to jack one side up more that the other. If you look at the suspention from underneeth you'll notice a long round bar attached to the bottom wishbone of the suspention. This bar streches off to under to main body. It is a torshon bar. By twisting it provides the spring for your front supntion. At the end of this bar farthest from the wheel you should find an adjustment bolt, which will alow you to alter the ride hight of that wheel. Jack the corner of the jeep off the ground, supporting the chasse, so that the wheel hangs (not tacking any of the cars wheight). Now try adjusting the tortion bar. It'll take a few tryes, but you should be able to get the car to stand level. Remeber after each adjustment, run the car up the road and back to alow the suspention to setle befor checking how she's standing.

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chears nev.k i will giv that a try at the weakend i hav noticed that the bushes tha conekt the torsion bar to the wishbone ar worn a bit so all get them fitted first then cheak it all.
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