Sportrak F20 rattly top end


Just bought a 1998 Sportrak 16v with 85,000 on the clock, seemed ok for about a fortnight but then developed the rattles. I think its the tappets, but not certain, it does reduce as it gets warmer, could there be another explanation? (it is a rattle rather than a knock). If you think its the tappetts whats the gaps and procedures, I can't get hold of any literiture at the moment.

Cheers; Dave P


Adjust when engine is at normal operating temperature.
Intake 0.25mm or 0.0100inch
Exhaust 0.33mm or 0.0130inch

Dont forget ... you must use the correct sequence when adjusting each tappet.
PS ... did the previous owner renew the cam belt? If not then get it done asap.

Sorry for being pedantic, but

Sorry for being pedantic, but the Sporti is an F300? I belive. It is not an F20. That is the 1600 4trak pre-runner.

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