2nd Gear Problem ?


Where to start Unknw 2 things really. Sad

2.8TD 1989 Fourtrak when cold refuses 2nd gear 'CRUNCHH' will eventualy have it when the car has warmed up ! however changing down seems to be a no no overall.

Also noticed that every now and then when idle i hear a sound like a belt dragging sort of grinding noise NOT SURE HOW TO DESCRIBE IT guessing its coming from gear box! However if i depress the clutch the noise goes? This is intermittant.
Any ideas or help appriciated.

For some reason, gear changes

For some reason, gear changes to 2nd gear when cold seems to be a common problem. Try double declutching, or changing direct from first to third, when cold.
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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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This is a very well documente

This is a very well documented problem with Fourtraks...loads has been posted about it...usual suspect is the nut on the main shaft of the gearbox works itself loose (poor tolerances at factory).
Solution is to drop the gearbox and either replace or tighten up the nut if threads are intact....the solution is %100 effective.
The noise you are describing is caused by the fork in the box not engaging properly.

Don't panick. The second gea

Don't panick. The second gear is stiff on a lot of Fourtracks, especialy when cold. It isn't normaly a sign that the usual main nut problem is about to strick. This is usually herolded by second gear refusing to engage at all, just producing the teeth sliping past each other grind tune. As for the rumble in nutral, that would be the thrust baring on the clutch running dry on grease. Again don't worry, it'll probably run compleatly dry for thousends of miles without breackinbg up. Just make sure you get it relaced when your clutch needs doing.

Hope that helps.

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2nd gear problem

I too have this problem but I have a sportrak. If anyone knows what the problem could be I would be very gratefull