Sportrak/fourtrak clock/inclinometer/voltmeter


Hi all,

Does anyone know if the clock/inclinometer/voltmeter that fits in the centre of the dash on a FOURtrak will fit into a SPORTrak?? I've spoken to a breaker who thinks they're different, but im not convinced! (I can't see the logic with making the same things but in two slightly different sizes!)


Sportrak/fourtrak clock/inclinometer/voltmeter

I think they're the same. I got some for my Sportrak from Graham Dewhurst(see Parts Dealers section for details) for about £67 including postage. I'm sure he said they were originally off a Foutrak.

They are the same I am certain

I have just compared pictures of the backs of both from out the service manuals and they look identical to me. So i would say give it a go. Especially if the breakers is offering you a bargain price on them! If they not fit could always sell them on to a Fourtrak owner on here! Smile

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