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ih all, replaced wiring conections on the rear of my 94 independant fourtrak and at the same time fitted a new towing plug,alls well but since the last wiring for the plug didnt have a fog light for the trailer conected i fitted it as directions said cutting the feed to the fog light on rear and connecting 1 wire to the end going to switch and the other going to socket, light on trailer comes on but wont go of with fog light switch and fog light doesnt work on jeep but if i just connect 1 wire as a feed i get jeep fog light on too but still trailer fog light wont go of so i take it ive to connect the purple wire some where but where,hope that makes a little sense to some of u electricians, cheers bill.


You need to post a diagram of how you have wired the plug/trailer etc. How many pins on the plug and what have you wired to each pin ... pins are numbered, look close at the plug face.
My instant reaction would be to ask about the earth connection/wire?

it was prewired,so just conec

it was prewired,so just conected wires as they were already yellow to left indicator white to the earth white on the left hand side and the rest all just the same blue for fog lights to the fog light feed,its 7pin but with a extra purple on the left side,all else is ok its just the fog light and this extra wire it said to connect a wire each side of the fog lamp but that stops power going to jeeps fog light,if i get time i'll take socket adrift see if i can get any answers that way.horse trailer lights working fine when cars attached so not that. cheers 4 ur reply

Rear fog wiring

Hi Chalky, i think the rear fog light is wired to be earth switched on the daihatsu and your trailer fog light is almost certainly wired to be live switched. i think you'll have to fit a relay to your car foglight wires so that when the light is switched on the relay closes and sends a live feed down to the trailer socket
hope this helps (and i hope i'm right about the fog being earth switched), Daz

cheers for replys yes its a s

cheers for replys yes its a standard plug,never fited a relay before wasnt into electrics but soon changed after i bought my 1st 4trak.sounds like the answer or at least in the right direction anyway,checked an old post and nev.k has said its to do with the fog light being earth switched and too like daz so looks like thats the prob after all.just fitted a audible warning box this afternoon and it aint working so will have another go tomorow if i get time ,its a bit like opening a can of worms, just checked previous forums found 1 saying i dont need to install audible warning as 4trak has visual wiring fitted just have to find them thats all,where do i look 1st.

Spot on. That's what they do

Spot on. That's what they do when you get a main dealer to do the work.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

From 1:10:1979 International Wiring Code.

Chalky .... check you used a 'Standard' Plug and not used a 'Supplementary' plug. Wrong plug will result in incorrect wiring.

On 1:10:79 tow plugs adopted 'International Wiring Code' for 7 pin plugs and sockets. This allowed 2 X 7 pin sockets to cope with fog lamps and fridges etc. Before 1:10:79 pin sockets were wired UK style and wires did not match the International design. I think the new plugs being introduced have 15 pins and incorporate both the Standard and Supplementary Plugs.

So 7 pin STANDARD International Wiring - pin reference numbers are imprinted on the plug's face. Wire colour as listed.

1. LH Direction Indicator --- Yellow
2. Rear Fog Lamp --- Blue
3. Earth --- White
4. RH Directional Indicator --- Green
5. RH tail, side lamp, & number plate lamp --- Brown
6. Stop lamps --- Red
7. LH tail, side lamp. --- Black

Supplementary Plug [S |Type for accessories]
Some wires need to be traced to their origin and common scense utilised.

1. Reverse Light and/or reverse brake system --- Yellow
2. Not usually allocated --- Blue
3. Earth --- White but some are Brown
4. Power supply via a relay, charger or live feed. --- Green but some are Blue !
5. Not usually allocated --- Brown
6. Fridge wire with relay --- Red but some are Green/Yellow !
7. Not usually allocated --- Black

prob solved

ok thanx 4 help guys, just solved it by running a wire to the live feed supplying trailer fogs and fitted switch on dash that way i can put on trailer fogs without having jeep fog light glaring in mirror.