My Coure Avanzato


Erm, howdo all.
I recently turned 17, and right back in 2000 when my dad stopped rallying it, he said that he would keep his car for me, to use as my road car when i 'Came of Age'

[Apologies for the pics, the flash makes the car look dirtier than it is.... honest]

We took it for an MOT today, and unfortunately it failed (that was after the bonnet flying up on an A road) but i should have it on the road with any luck before the week is out (Driving Test on Tuesday)

I do have a question though, does anyone have/know where i can get either a left front bearing, or left front hub(with bearing) for one of these, my has collapsed and it seems to be the one thing that my Dad didnt have in spare, which kind of sucks.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


lhf bearing

Hi Dan,
you should be able to get one through a friendly daihatsu dealer. Only problem you might have is that they need your vin number to check for parts and they probably wont recognise your vin. (I know cause they always had a problem recognising mine, I had the rally car r987 fko). Ive got another one now which has been re-shelled into a UK road car, feel free to try my vin, which I'll dig out for you tomorrow. If I dig really hard I might be able to find the part numbers for front bearings and seals.

Ill be in touch when Ive got them.


Thanks very much Dave, i real

Thanks very much Dave, i really appreciate it.

Im the son of Ian O'Connor, you might remember him, then again you might not.

Thanks again.

EDIT// Turns out my dad ordered a hub or wheel bearing today, due for delivery on wednesday.
Thank you anway Dave, ill update thi thread with pics once she has had a good T-Cut

Ahoy. Well. we did it, after


Well. we did it, after a lot of fettling, its finally on the road.
Managed to get the bearing sorted, a fog light sorted, and we got the ECU written to run lean enough to pass emissions, then we just put another competition ECU back into it. Job done.

I am enjoying driving the car so much, its scary to think how fast this car will actually move, for just a 17 year old, allthough i do have bragging rights over any of my friends on the subject of "Whos car is quickest off the line." Really enjoying driving it though, im having to be so careful on the gas, as in the rain, its so easy to spin the wheels as soon as the turbo kicks in.
Its still no completely finished, it still needs a CD player/speakers, plus getting rid of the last of the stickers/sticker glue, but i really cant be bothered with that at the moment, its a rally cars, so its meant to look fucked, as far as i am concerned.
Other than that, nothing much else to report, its just too much fun to put into words really.

Its a rally car so....

Well done getting it on the road, but it's a competition car so come on get yourself a speed event competition licence and take it on a hillclimb or sprint. (You dont have to pay hundreds of quid for a rally school day to get a speed licence)

Youll have a load of fun and its a very cheap way to do a bit of racing, and it gives you credibility to go with the rally car look!

and if you think of selling, give me a shout



And so it continues... Last

And so it continues...

Last Saturday i was motoring down the motorway when the hub nut came loose and came off the hub. This popped the drive shaft out og the hub, doing damage to the hub, the driveshaft and the disk.
Once we got it back to the garage, we could see that it whilst they were damaged, it could still run, we would just need to think about getting some new bits for it.
Then, i was out driving it last night, when the driveshaft broke, from what we can see/hear it looks to have torn the splines off.

So, my question do you gents, does anyone know if the car runs off the same hub/drive shaft as the standard coure, and if not, does anyone know where i can find a drive shaft?

Seems to be one thing after another with this car, haha.

Very cool car you have

Very cool car you have there, I own the works rally Charade GTti that was used in the Lombard Rally. If you can make it down to Wiltshire next August it would be great to have your car on our stand at Rally Day.

Daihatsu Charade GTti Owners Club

Daihatsu Charade GTti Owners Club