Question about Fourtrax diesel


Hi folks just got my fourtrax through its mot, first one i have owned, while driving it to the mot station i noticed it tended to wander a bit and seemed very bouncy on the front end, cant be anything serious as it passed the test, just wondered if this was how they all are or could it do with a set of new shocks.
Thanks for any help

Bouncy, bouncy.

If it's a leaf sprung Fourtrak then yes, they are all quite bouncy, but not too uncomfortable (just need a good dentist to put all the fillings back into your head ;-)) An Independent should be a lot more forgiving so if yours is not leaf sprung then you may have a problem.


Thanks for that, it is leaf sprung so looks like i will have to get used to it, still not as bad as a landrover S11 lol

Hi m8 had same prob with my 9

Hi m8 had same prob with my 93 4track independent sorted it out with new tyres its great now. hope this helps