rear diff broken


I got a f78 4trak 2.8 independant problem is oil leakin out of diff an there is play in the prop shaft an diff is knackered wots best solution new or recon diff or old axle an wot price am i lookin at HELP ME PLEASE

dont panic!

Sounds like you've already decided you want a new rear diff (or axle), you say 'diff knackered', are you concluding the diff is knackered because it leaks oil and has a bit of play, or are there other indications you have not mentioned which convince you that a new diff is required?

Nagamochi (my fourtrak) has clocked up 154,000 miles on her rear diff/axle (and her front diff/axle for that matter), she has rotational play on her prop-shafts (front and rear), but so long as I dont feel any sideways movement on the prop, I'm happy; for there to be no rotational play on the prop would imply a very tightly meshed diff, and given there is no mechanism to take up any wear, such 'play free' operation would not last long, I dont know if there is a service manual 'acceptable level' of rotational play in the props, but I certainly dont think there should be no play (correct me if I am wrong anyone).

So where is the oil leaking from - stop the oil leak; problem sorted.




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diff problem

hi its done 68000 miles very low miles i had it passed two yrs done 7000 miles, 1st i had oil leaking from rear diff my mate changed diff oil seal stopped oil leak, about six months later oil drippin seams to be coming from prop shaft rear side of diff with play to prop shaft as you indicated, but when i drive as soon as my foot is off acelerator it makes a rubbing noise or wining noise, my mate who is mechanic said it would be ok to drive until i find diff or axle at right price[ just keep oil topped up] i been quoted 205 pounds and 30 pounds P an P FOR DIFF at breakers, any clues wot to do mate.thanks 4 reply MARK

M Billingham