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So here is my story. I hope you all learn and sell your rocky asap. My cousin owned a rocky, but the engine blew. So I was given a used daihatsu rocky for free, without an engine. I replaced the engine and drove it, but noticed a vibration through the steering column and through the stick shift. I checked out the transmission. Sure enough the Yoke was warped, so I swapped the transmission. About 15,000 miles later I noticed the same damn vibration. At 20,000 miles, the engine blew. The yoke had warped again, on a brand new transmission and a relatively new engine. The crankshaft was bent (it was straight when we did the engine swap). The connecting rod had snapped, the piston had cracked the engine casing and there was a big mess.

Could someone please give me a reasonable explanation of why this 1990 Daihatsu Rocky Fourtrak failed? I have to write a failure analysis report for a professor for my mechanical engineering class. BTW, this type of failure is very very common among Daihatsu Rocky Fourtraks.



Interesting. Id say you had a

Interesting. Id say you had a culmination of a couple of problems. The warped yokes may have been contributed to by an out of balance tailshaft. If it is out of balance, and undiagnosed, then as many replaced yokes and uni's are not going to fix the problem. This will, in turn, cause vibration problems further up the drive train, with bearings and gears not running true.
As for the blown motor, when you say you replaced the engine, was it a 2nd hand motor you bought and installed without checking anything, or was it a motor that was reconditioned/rebuilt. If so, and it was a turbocharged motor, was it rebuilt using non turbo parts. If it was an off the shelf, second hand motor, god only knows what life it had in the hands of the previous owner. Id say, unfortunately, you are the victim of some bad luck, or worse, someone a bit unscrupulous, who sold you a dud engine. In all the time Ive dealt with 2.8's, ive never heard of one killing the crank. They are, generally, a pretty strong motor, given the normal maintenance required of any diesel motor.
As for selling my Rocky quickly, I doubt it.

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Sorry to hear about your bad

Sorry to hear about your bad luck m8...but I just cant agree with you about it being a common problem with Fourtracks...mine has done 200,000 miles and sounds like a swiss watch..I have heard of one that has done 450,000 miles...I aint saying things dont go wrong from time to time ...that would be misleading..but I reckon bundy is have been very unlucky or ripped off with your replacement engine. They have a reputation of being very well built engines and with the proper maintainance will give many many miles of reliable service. Their biggest problem (the older ones anyway)is they rust.