TDX 'trak thro up-and-over garage door !


A TDX independent is 75.5 inches (1918 mm) high, lightly loaded.

A standard up-and-over garage door is 84 inches (2134 mm) wide and 74.5 inches (1892 mm) clearance below the door mechanism.

How did I get mine in the door without loading about 1/2 ton of kit in it Unknw

EASY .... let the rear tyres down to about 4psi (0.3 bar)
........ and the vehicle is then only 73" (1854 mm) high


I need to do some serious anti-rust work on the lwb 'trak, so it's coming off the road. With Winter approaching, this will be much easier in the garage.

Unfortunately, the garage, although plenty high enough inside, has a standard up-and-over garage door. This has meant that the TDX (the one with the hump in the roof) has had to stay outside, although the Fieldman with the flat roof goes in with no problems.

OK, this was with standard tyres which flex a fair amount when the pressure is reduced. Some heavy-duty mud pluggers are so well braced they might not flex so much, so be careful.

To avoid the tyres getting flat spots on them, I pumped them up again when the vehicle was inside.


Now, must remember not to jump in, start up, and blast out of the garage if I want to get the lawnmower out !