Cam belt, locking the engine.


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I am about to try to change my cam belt on my 1992 2.8TD Fourtrack. I have a manual which is quite good. However, when I have changed cam belts on other cars there manuals have alway refered to locking points for the cam shaft, injecton pump, crank shaft, etc,. I can find no reference to these in my Daihatsu Fourtrak manual! Can anybody help?
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Done two belts .... locking not needed

Wind it round clockwise looking from the front to top dead centre, compression on the front cylinder (#1) ( take the rocker box off and look for the exhaust valve just closed, inlet just opening on the back cylinder (#4)).

The dots on the timing wheels should line up with the positions stated in the manual. Note that the timing marks on the belt line up with the timing marks on the wheels only once in quite a few revolutions of the engine.

If you are fitting a non-genuine Daihatsu belt, you will have to count the number of belt teeth between the timing dots, but the Daihatsu belts have big yellow marks to indicate the correct position.

When you release the idler (do it slowly) the injection pump and/or camshaft timing wheels might move a little, but nothing excessive. When fitting the new belt it is easy to rotate the timing wheels back to the correct position by hand.

Cam Belts

Yes I agree and have done two on the Sportraks with no problems. I get the lining up done using the timing marks and those dots on the pull then put the car in gear to lock it up, saves taking the rocker off which save a gasket and save a crack if you over tighten the bolts. . Undo the tensioner and slide off the belt, replace the belt, the sporty ones had no positioning dots or the like, do up the tensioner allowing the specified movement and then replace all the bits and bobs that you had to remove. On the sprty that would be the Radiator, alternator and steering pumpbelts plus lower pully.

It is worth while changing both the power steeting and the alternator belts at the same time.

I am not familier with the diesel 4track lump but the principle is the same.