sportrak 16i


i know this is a stupid question but where is the jack and the fusebox. i have no owners manual only a workshop manual on disc, which not very good 4 infirmation, what i need is a workshop manual like haynes, any ideas where i can get one


haynes don't do daihatsu manuals. I had to buy a Fourtrak manual from Daihatsu for £120 now £160. Try looking under the pasenger seat for the jack & under the right hand side of the dash for fuse box. I dont know the sportrak but that is where it is on fourtrak

Sporty W/S manual

I have a full Sporty w/s manual on CD. Its the original w/s manual that was sold when this website started. Only a few got bought before Daihatsu stopped the sales! I think your w/s manual can not be the original version. The original is very detailed ... servicing, repairs, electric circuits, full diagrams etc.
Haynes do not have a w/s manual.

to mace/peter

many thanks on the information. will try and get a w/s manual and try and look for the jackand fuse box. thanks again. adie


Hi Adie,
The jack is under the passager seat with a tool kit the lever to wind the jack is under the bonnet next to the arm to keep bonnet open.fuse box Im lead to belive is on the left hand side under the instrument panel there is also a sub fuse block next to it according to my owners manual hope this helps out.