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i have a 1990 fourtrak, i have had some problems with the gearbox since i bought the car 2 years ago. gradually the gearbox got worse almost undrivable. i have removed the gearbox and stripped it down. I have a list of parts needed for repair but i am having trouble finding anywhere to get them from. There is a daihatsu dealer about 20 miles away so i will give him a ring, but i just wondered if any of you guys knew anywhere that stocked or could get hold of hearbox parts for the aforementioned vehicle

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If it is just bearings you need then try a local bearing stockists frrom the yellow pages, take along the old ones as samples and they should match them up off the shelf. When I did mine, there was only one bearing (between the input and main shaft) which the guy in the bearing place reckoned was a bastard size (I took this to mean unique to Daihatsu)and this cost £28 from Daihatsu.

I had to get the threads on the end of the main shaft (loose nut problem) re-cut after the shaft was built back up with stainless weld. I think the total cost for the job was about £200 in parts. You might be better looking for a second hand gear box.

Hope it goes well - Alastair.

gear box repair

thanks for the replies, the bearing you mentioned alistar is totally destroyed, the output shaft race is worn where the bearing once sat,the two shift forks are worn to , at best 5.7mm. min tolerance is 6.3 3 out of 4 of the snchromesh rings are shot, the transmission clutch hub no 2 is broken. 3 of the synchromesh shifting keys and 1 key spring are missing(where they are i just dont know)add to this the oil seal into the bell housing plus three gaskets and some spring clips i think a second hand gearbox might be on the cards, the only problem is you dont know how good it is until you fit it. i've been on 24/7 spares and been offered one delivered for 200 pound (pay up front though as you would expect) but if its naff i cant see the supplier bending over backwards to refund my money. But it looks like i have no choice. thanks for the comments though.


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Came across these on Ebay, they might help - Breaking all Fourtrak
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Another Breaking 89 Fourtrak Diesel 55k -
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Phone: 07773780412
Have you tried Graham Dewhurst Daihatsu 4x4 specialist Tel:01254 772204
Unit 3 Sudellside Mill,Sudellside Street, Darwen, Lancashire, BB3 3DL.
or any of the others on this sites Parts Dealers Section???
Also you have posted under the wrong heading, many might not have seen your post, try the 4x4's heading.
Good luck.

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Hi Tonus

I don't know where you are,but try the Firs Garage, Hook Norton, Oxfordshire, 01608-737349. They no longer sell Daihatsu vehicles but still have franchise for parts & service, plus they do mail order. If out of stock normally get parts in a few days. Another place i'm told is very good is Graham Dewhurst up north i'm not sure where they do mail order. & I'm told used parts as well.Tel 01254-772204 Mob 07957-817667

Good luck Peter