Finally lifted the Sportrak


Well I've eventually got round to it. New rear leaf springs cos one had snapped halfway round the rear eye! Shok
New extended shackles and a front torsion wind up.
Could not have done it without use of my friendly mechanic's tools and ramp (and help :D)

This was a bit of a pain to do as the drivers side spring needed cutting out with the oxy-acetyline torch due to corroded bolts.
I am very pleased with the results, 3" lift at the back (which should settle to 2" as springs bed in). Plenty of clearance for the 235/75 ATs and looks great.
I am amazed by how much better it rides, the old springs and bushes were well shagged!

FYI - leafs springs are 2+1's made by SMJ products in Leeds, excellent quality for £160 for the pair. Shackles were fabbed up by a local engineering firm (also 4x4 owners so did a good job).


Nice one!!!!!!! Been won

Nice one!!!!!!!

Been wondering about seized bolts for when it's time to do mine!!

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Yeah 'twas a bitch Dave! :lol

Yeah 'twas a bitch Dave! Lol
I soaked the nuts for 3 nights running and used that Wurth professional rust dissolver at the garage, still wouldn't have it even with their 30" big boy torque wrench! Shok

Ended up having to play with fire and torch the bolts off, plain sailing from there.
Still enjoying the looks and ride improvements.

Stone. Wink

I was wondering if i could ju

I was wondering if i could just run the grinder thru the U bolts and get rid that way - is there room enough to do that? IO've always fitted new U bolts and associated nuts on anything with cart springs I've done B4

Otherwise, that has got to be the sexiest Sporty on here - bar one!

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

U bolts and nuts were fine, a

U bolts and nuts were fine, a quick once over with the "chimney sweep" wire brush head on the cordless drill and they came off lovely.
However driver's side rear chassis bush and front eye bush would not budge, eventually turned green, ripped my shirt and stripped the thread...oops!
Mechanic then had to do the torch cut method, lucky I had new bolts and shackles ready.
Even with the dramas I had, I still say do it. You'll regret leaving it so long, now it just eats ruts and holes that used to bog me.

Cheers for the compliments on the truck!