Scammer Beware


We along with 2 other members on this site have been ripped off by another so called member who is neilwiz06 This dishonest person "for the want of a better word" (thief would be better)"Neil Smith" plies his trade advertising 4x4 bits on various websites on the net "The scam is" you send your money for parts he never sends them "nice work if you can get it" His only problem is we now know his address & bank details & he will be in for a sharp shock very shortly in the way of a County Court Summons plus costs Avoid this waster at all costs don,t send him any money because he has no parts its a con trick you have been warned STANTHEROCKYMAN

neilwiz06 a scammer?

With regards to the above user, i enquired about locking hubs for my Sportrak & he was realy helpful & said he had what i was looking for if i was interested. We agreed on a price, then i arranged for the funds to go into his bank account & once he received same he posted out the hubs to myself with no problems what so ever. I realise i can only comment on my dealings with him to which i had no prblems with & found him to be very helpful as this was the first time i had used this forum & was worried about dealing with people unknown to me.

Reply Guys a Scammer

Thats nice for you I,m glad you received your parts
If Neil Smith is such a great seller why are hedge hopper,
zebroc, & myself all out of pocket We all paid up front
and are all still waiting for our parts I,v had P/M,s
from both the members who both say the same Neil Smith
said he had no bank account My funds were paid into his
sisters account Why would 3 members all claim the same
Lets have a reply from the man himself
neilwiz06 on the subject.Oh yes still waiting for the parts I paid for STANTHEROCKYMAN

neil not so wizz except with your money

well said stan therockyman this is only poeple on this web site how many others have been stung that dont use this one and poeple that dont have computers as it is also in adtrader ??????????????


Yes the company who are chasing him
with Our County Court Summons say he
has a paper trail of deception a mile
long on various 4x4 Web Sites & Motor
Magazines so much for a good seller
absolute scammer & timewaster.He
should be called Billy Wiz STRM