front bearing needs tightening


hi everybody
i recently went for the yearly mot and the imspector said that i only had a problem with the front bearing. as he shook the wheel he noticed that the wheel had a bit of play to it. i recently changed a ball joint could this be the problem where i haven't torgued it enough or is it the bearing. the question is how do i tighten the front bearing. please help soon.

goonie plato sportrack jeep owner!!

Have a look at this page: ht

Have a look at this page: It's about replacing a bearing, but the info you need should be there. As for the ball joint, I am asuming you mean one of the joints the hub asembly fits too on the end of the wish bones? This could couse a similare woble to a slack bearing. But would be easy to tell the diffrence from underneath.

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