Feroza S.E. 1997 Petrol Smell Again


Hello All.

After changing the one way breather valve I was able to drive without the stinking petrol vapour for about a year. However it has returned - the valve and the plastic box which all the pipes connect to seems to airtight with no cracks. Could there be a blockage in the fuels lines or perhaps a problem with the tank (are there any one way valves in the tank?) causing an inbalance?
I drive in Malaysia where after a few hours in the sun it all gets very hot. The problem is intermittant which makes it more frustrating to identify.

Another request - anybody have a second hand carb. for sale?. The auto choke has gone on mine and its impossible to find any spares - even a second hand carb. is difficult. I can pay with UK bank cheque.

Any response for both requests would be much appreciated.