Hi all,
i am new to this site,i just recently purchased a sportrak from a friend(have a look in the gallery!)and was told it needs a new clutch.After deciding to buy it and willing to repair clutch if it was faulty,i took it home and got stuck in the garden!To cut a long story short,i had a look in the manual and discovered something about wheel locking which the previous owner failed to mention!After setting wheels to"lock"i could eventually manouver the vehicle all over the garden,so i'm wondering if the clutch would be okay,can anyone tell me how i could find out myself before i take it to a garage whether it would need fixing or not,i am assuming the previous owner did not realize he had to lock the wheels!Hope someone can enlighten me,thanks,higgin.

clutch and wheel locking

At a guess you locked the wheels once switching to 4 wheel drive? If so remember to unlock the wheels when you switch the car back to 2 wheel drive.

Not sure how you can easily check to see if it needs a new clutch as it all depends on how the problem is developing really. If it tends to slip I know my Sportys clutch when it was wearing out, used to slip loads if I tried doing any hard acceleration, especially when in 4th or 5th and u suddenly put your foot to the floor, the engine revs would rise, and then drop a little as car started to speed up.

Hopefully this will help you.

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Just bought a Sportrak also and a bit confused on this subject as previous owner never mentioned it.
I assumed you just moved the small lever in the cab to 4 wheel drive, if not how do you manually lock the hubs ????

Locking the hubs

If you've got manual locking hubs, which i think most sporty's have, then when you lok at the 2 front wheel hubs you'll see a little lever/dial, with two positions marked (locked and free). Simply turn the dial to lock when you want to go into 4 wheel drive (as well as moving the small lever in the cab obviously!), and then remember to turn them both back to free wheel when you go back to 2 wheel drive.



Just Bought a Sporty

I really like the walnut inlay on this one. Can you tell me a bit about it, where it was done, how much it cost etc. Does anyone know if you can buy this sort of thing from parts dealers?


Wood trim

Hi Ian,

I know Formula 4x4 do a wood-effect interior trim, but dont think it covers as much as the one in the photo you're refering to. I think it just does the bit on the dash, not the doors, and costs about £80-90... I think (could be way out!). I think their website is www.formula4x4.co.uk!

Hope that helps

£79.45 to be exact. Phoned a

£79.45 to be exact. Phoned an order through to Formula 4x4 on Tuesday, it arrived on Wednesday and it's now on the car and looking beautiful. A bit expensive maybe, but well worth it for the improvement in appearance it makes to the dash. Can't praise Formula 4x4 highly enough. Great service.



There is someone on ebay who sells inlay for the Sportrak and other Daihatsu's. They have a wide choice. So wide I actually got inlay in Brushed Aluminium effect to match my Brushed aluminium dials overlay.

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Heres a Sporty inlay on eBay.

This is the same guy i bought mine off. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2444239004

This is available in the RHD version and so are inlays for other Daihatsu Models, only a few aren't. The guy will send you a link to pictures of all the different styles. He does understand english very well.

N-Reg Daihatsu Sportrak Midnight. A-Bar, K&N, 100Watt Spots, Custom S/Steel Wheel Cover, S/Steel Sillbars, more to follow!


walnut inlay

i personally dont like the walnut but i know that formula 4x4 do these kits for the mk1 sporty

New Sporty

Hi, This is what the old farts do to check the clutch, start up , apply hand brake, put it into 4th then rev up a bit then take your foot of the clutch, it should stall, if not and the engine runs on , the clutch sounds like its knacked, or should i say smells like its done. only do this for a couple of seconds ,once or twice. however if in doubt consult a garage.
Best of luck.