I am sick and tired of having to park my old polo at the bottom of the hill and lugging the shotgun to the top
Ok, so after looking at what the market has to offer in my price range I have bought a 96 sportrak elxi.
seems sound with only 66k (not warrantied) on the clock
is there anything i should get looked at apart from my sanity?


The only real problem I have had with my Sportrak was the head gasket.

As long as the cooling system is kept in good condition, it shouldn't be a problem.

Some Sportraks also have a problem with rust.
Check around the rear arches and under the carpet in the back.

Mine has done over 120,000 and its still going strong.

Keep any eye on the exhaust

Keep any eye on the exhaust smoke to warn of valve stem oil seal or piston ring wear. Try booting the throttle and looking in the mirror at night with a car behind you, excessive smoke can be seen in the headlights.
Also check the condition of the exhaust manifold for cracks. This is a common problem and can cause an annoying whistling noise when driving - if it's had it then it's a perfect excuse to get a set of performance extractors (aka headers) on there. These work well in conjunction with a K&N air filter for more power.

Fit some beefier tyres (235/75R15 all terrain or mud terrain) and you'll be well away.