my rocky has sticking calipres


my 1994 2.8tdx ind has front brake problem can anyone help ive striopped them down twice and fitted new pads but still siezing on after about a mile could any owners help???


Check the brake master cylinder. Independant fluid circuits to front/rear brakes. The brake master cylinder piston seal to front brakes could be sticking/stuck.

sticking front brakes

somebody has mentioned to me that the problem could be the brake flexi hoses what do you think

When u say u have stripped th

When u say u have stripped them down....did you pop the pistons from the calipers using compressed air or the like Unknw The piston surfaces and inside of cyliders can have surface rust/crud build up.
Did u replace the cylider seals etc Unknw you can buy a kit to do the job.Make sure you bleed the front circuit after completing the job.