tyre wear


I have a 1997 fourtrak independant with a tyre wear problem the inside edge of the drivers side tyre (right hand drive)is wearing right down for about 75mm of the tyre the out side edge of the tyre has over 10mm of tread left on it the tyre has done about 15000 miles i have had the tracking checked in three different garages and they all said it was ok, someone wrote in a while ago with the same problem and someone said it was a camber problem caused by wear in the wishbone bushes can anyone confirm this or has anybody got any ideas, the track rod ends and all the suspension has been checked by a main dealer and they have said its all ok, i am not going to put another exspensive tyre on until its sorted.

tyre wear

On my 95 4trak i had a similar wear problem.It turned out to be the torsion bar letting the wheel fall in and wearing the tyre more on the inside than the outside.It might be worth checking.Mike.

how did you fix it ?

Mine is beginning to do this at 110000 miles. What's the fix, so as I know how much spannering is required.


Tyre wear

Had the tracking checked on a very expensive 4 wheel allignment jig today, tracking was 1 degree out on one side caster camber was ok the 1 degree would make hardly any difference, what had to be done to the torsion bar to rectify the fault one thing the jig did pick up was one wheel sits slightly in front of the other like if it has had a bang against something but every thing seems straight any ideas anybody.

Hiya Big Mike, did you

Hiya Big Mike,
did you replace the torsion bar or adjust it if you adjusted it how did you do it and by how much, ive had the caster camber checked and tracking all ok but one wheel is 8mm in front of the other measured from the center of the back wheels the vehicle has not been in an accident and has not been damaged off road, my wife has had it from new and it was fine until about 2 years ago when it developed the tyre problem the bushes in the wishbones seem fine as do the track rod ends has anyone got any ideas Unknw

tyre wear

My Sportrak has the same sort of problem with more wear on the insides at the front.

The tracking has been adjusted and the car runs better for it but the wear seems to be as bad and even on both inner edges. The MOT picked up the tracking being out. Any suggestions or am I just worrying about wear that existed before the tracking was done. The tracking was considerably out and resulted after an impact with a grass bank to avoid a prat in a BMW turning right into a private drive way oblivious to me passing her on the A4 3 years ago. My fault of course. I never thought ladies in the Royal County knew such language. All bushes look fine and all the bars seem straight enough. There is no distortion to any of the chassis members and it has since passed an MOT again.


I'd love to know too as I

I'd love to know too as I have the exact same problem with my 1988 Fourtrak. I have a new tyre for it but am reluctant to fit it until I know what the problem is... I had assumed it was just tracking until I read this thread...