new clutch needed!


Hi all again,
some feedback to all who replied to my last post and thanks for your replies!
I have had a mechanic drive my sportrak and let me know if it needs a new clutch and he is of the opinion that it has been adjusted by the cable and the clutch plate must be worn out,also he can tell it is slipping.He said if i loaded it up with gear the extra weight would make it more noticeable,especially on steep roads,so he advises me to replace it.So can anyone tell me where i can buy a new clutch from and who is the cheapest,please reply in this forum or private message,thanks!

If I was buying I'd go to Mil

If I was buying I'd go to Milners or Japanese 4x4 spares in Brum on the links page, both are around the same price (£100) and do mail order. Forget dealers and their prices.

Make sure you get the full kit (plate, cover and bearing.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

clutch parts!

Thanks Dave with the sporty,
I think i will check out the links you
mentioned,i was expecting to pay that sort
of money for one anyway!