Information for my pride and joy F95


I have logged into this site for the first time and i am hoping someone can help in my quest to get my pride and joy running right. Shes an F95 and basically someone kindly gave me a jump start when i had left the lights on and the battery had gone flat, only thing was unknown to me they had connected their jump leads the wrong way and that is the start of my problem.Does anyone know if the voltage regulator on diesels is any different to the F95 Part No 27700-87701 or 026000-4190.I have sourced a dealer part but it made me wince at £100 inc VAT and i know Milner do a replacement for the diesel at £17.50.Any help in this matter will be greatfully received, i just want my Four back.

Further to the above

The alternator has been checked and is A1 so i am focusing on the regulator as i have only got a wiring diagram for a diesel. Once again if anyone has any ideas of where my problem may lie please let me know.