Sportrak towbar electrics


Hi, I have just purchased a 1997 sportrak (for my son actually), and we fitted a really nice towbar at the weekend (£80 from eBay). I now have to wire up the electrics, and I gather that there may be a tow electrics plug somewhere on the vehicle.

Needless to say, I cannot find the electrics plug, so can anyone please let me know where this is on the vehicle?. (I really dont want to scotchlock onto the lights wiring)

Also, the car doesn't have a radio, but has a double-DIN sized hole where the radio should be; can someone tell me if there is a plastic insert that makes this into a single DIN aperture, or did someone previously hack my sportrak to make the double-DIN?

Thanks, Peter Moreton

towing electrics

hi not sure about your sportrak but ive a 94 fourtrak that i have just rewired the towing electrics and mine were just wired into the rear lights,had probs with rear fog light if you want to check back my forums but as i say this is for a fourtrak but might be some help to you if no other replys
cheers bill

Sportrak electrics

I have a 1991 Sportrak and the towbar electrics are wired straight into the rear lights in the bumper.