spare wire/ missfire????? help


Hi I have just done a engine change on my 94 sport track.

I have a spare wire at the back of the engine on the same part of the loom as the temp wire it is a spade fitting but can not find where it goes??? Any one know what it is and where it goes?

Also I have a intermittent misfire seems to get worse when hot and under load but when you lift the bonnet it ticks over like a dream 98% of the time . Don't you just hate this kind of fault has anyone had this before or any pointers?
It has new cap/ rotor/ plugs leads are off old engine but ran fine.

The only thing that I have not checked so far is for water in the plug holes as I did degrease the engine after fitting it.

Spare wire

Is the wire off the Alternator??
Dont know much about Sporty's but once did the same with a Charade.
A mate who is an Auto Electrician said move the wire end around the locality without stretching it and you should work out where it came from.
As long as you did not remove the opposite clip that is.
Regards the misfire.
Any moisture will evaporate up the leads and cause problems.
It has no where to escape and the cycle starts again after cooling.
You need to dry them and the holes out properly.
A rag in the holes and haidryer the leads should do it.
Or spray with ISP alcohol or similar electronics cleaner, NOT WD40!!
You dont want anything that leaves any residue.
The leads might be dodgey.
A split will cause shorts and if snapped inside the spark can jump through the insulation to the nearest earth.
Hope this helps.

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Current- 04 Silver YRV TURBO
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