Applause Starting Probs


I have a 1992 Applause (Well my Missus has) Now and then it just doent want to start. Very intimitit. We could go for a week and no probs and then just wont start. We leave it for 5 min or so and away it goes. When it does start though there is a strong smell feul as though it was flooded. It has been to two mechanics and currently at an auto electricion and know one can work it out. The electrician says its not the fuel pump. Please help so i can My cay back off the Missus and give hers back

Starting Probs

Have you tried another coil from the breakers, a cheap trial and error option??
To check if you are getting a spark, try an inline spark tester.
They are realy cheap,using 1 or 4 at the same time you will see each cylinder spark.
Not sure but Applause should have onboard diagnostics.
Ask the dealers where the diagnostic plug is located.
On Charades they are a triangular shaped plug with a cap on it.
You dont need no fancy gadget to read the codes.
You connect a small wire to two of the three pins and read the amount of blinks the engine management light shows.
You will obviously need to know what each blink means.
I have a list for the Charade but it might be different.
Maybe the dealers will tell you??
You could phone Daihatsu Uk, ask for Technical 0121 520 5000.
They not as helpful since they relocated, totaly different staff.
Worth a try.

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