Interior Light


Recently purchased my first 4trak.1995 indie tdx.Very good on & off roader.Think it was money well spent.Only one problem,blew fuse for clock/interior light whilst replacing interior light bulb and cannot seem to find location of said fuse.Would be most grateful if anyone could reveal its whereabouts.

Fuses location

If the 1995 Fourtrak has things in the same place as a 1995 Sporty and a 1999 Cuore then your fuses should be bottom right on the drivers side slightly hidden under the dash. Should have a small cover on them showing what fuse is what, although i found it wasn't overlly accurate on mine so I checked each individual fuse when I blew my one for the clock, interior light, and rear door lock switch. Think it was marked as door lock or something silly like that. Also remember to use the little fuse tool they provide in the fusebox as actually makes life a little easier!

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