squels like a piig!


My sporty has developed a squeal and I'm not sure where it's coming from. Sounds like a belt - but only when I accelerate - take foot off pedal and eventually it goes. Can anyone out there offer some clues?

PS After the recent break in, and theft of the stereo got keyless entry on passenger door (where they chewed the lock) - plus re spray and lines repainting for 130 quid. Looks a beaut. Only got to get the driver side done ,and a new stereo now!

The squeeling you describe co

The squeeling you describe could indeed be a pig under the bonnet, but it is more likely to be a slack drive belt, probably on the alternator. Its a dead easy job to tighten, One bolt on the alternator bracket and a long bar to move the alternator slightly and the freeplay will be taken up. Belt should be able to twist through approx 90 deg when tight enough. Hope this helps.