insurance for learner drivers?


can anyone recomend an insurance company that will insure my 17yr old on my fourtrak,most won't touch it till he's 21,cheapest that will has been £1,400,thanks.(he is still on L plates)


When I was learning to drive, I was insured on my mum's policy with the Co-op (CIS). They were the cheapest company we could find.

It was a Nissan Sunny 1.6 SRi which was around group 12-13, and it cost £400 fully comp.

To insure it myself would have cost over £1500.

I took out my own insurance when I was 21 and it cost me £800 fully comp, and a year later my Sportrak costs just over £500 fully comp.

Thats including protected no-claims, which is fortunate, as I wrote off the Sunny last year, and 3 points.

It's the way of the world

It's the way of the world I'm afraid. My bosses son has just passed his test an was quoted over £2000 for a knackered 1.6 3 series Beemer worth about £50. Oh how we laughed.
Try going though your own company first, then have a root around or similar. Just be prepared for some silly quotes. Have you tried a local broker? They are becoming more competitive these days as they're going up against internet insurers.
It's a simple fact that young inexperienced male drivers are a high risk group. Hands up all those who crashed their first car?
Yep! me too!
Hope you find a resonable quote, PS watch out for vey high XS as well.
Good luck.



i was a learner and insured my fourtrak for 3rd party only for 892 a year which was good that was with kwik fit