Cold air feed and shocks.


Just fitted a pair of ProComp +3" ES3000 shocks to the lifted Sportrak, drives very nice on / off road.

Also I fitted a cold air feed hose. This seems to have benefitted the K&N and headers already on marvelously.
I had to do minor surgery to the panel to allow a 60mm dia Aluminium hose to pass though next to the bottom of the rad. Drilled the bumper to cable tie the hose next to the number plate.

Just in case anyone doesn't know, the theory is that passing cooler more dense air (hence more Oxygen molecules) into the air filter from outside the engine bay improves combustion and releases more bhp.

Definite improvement in pick up and top speed, I can now hit the naughty side of 90mph again on 235/75 AT's. Well worth the time and effort.


Hey Stone, Is that a 4

Hey Stone,

Is that a 4 branch exhaust manifold you've got on yer Sporty?

Can you give us an itemised

Can you give us an itemised list of everything that you've purchased for this mod including model / part numbers?

I'm sick of my sporty being sluggish Smile

Jason "Foxdie" Gaunt


Jason "Foxdie" Gaunt

Hi guys, Here are the mods

Hi guys,

Here are the mods in order of airflow through the engine.

1. 60mm Aluminium cold air hose from Halfords.
2. K&N air filter part no R-1380, ordered through Motorworld.
Original filter cannister and plumbing removed.
3. MRT 4-2-1 extractors from MRT Rally in Australia, fitted to replace crappy cracked OE exhaust manifold.
4. Catalyst replaced by de-cat pipe section, fashioned from 2 front pipes from carb model, bought from

Much better reving engine, very noticable gains in mid range torque and acceleration, sounds more rorty but MPG down a bit on stock perhaps due to larger than standard tyres - and right foot made of Lead LOL!