Whats on the site at the moment

There is pretty much nothing on the site apart from the Forum thats working. The site is still subject to site Layout changes. So expect things to move about and for a number of things to change without warning.



It looks great

Lookin good already...............!!!!

Site problems

How do you log out Puzzled
That aside, well done I think this is going to be a staggering improvement over http://www.daihatsu-owners.co.uk/

(deletes bit about site being broken for Opera as he realises it was him that broke it by clicking refuse instead of accept for cookies - oops! fx: red face)



Logout fixed.

Ive enabled the user box so you can now logout if you want to, which could be handy for when using a public computer I s'pose. I hid the menu because of the create story link. But then again I think i still have to approve a story for it to show. Then again allowing users to possibly write a story on the site might be a good idea. So it feels more of a community. Smiling