The Sportrak

The Sportrak which is known as the Feroza in Europe and Australia and as Rocky in America (which is confusing as Fourtrak called Rocky in Australia), was Daihatsu's fun 4x4. First built in 1988 the Sportrak and was in production up until early 1999. The Sportrak is a small but nippy 4x4 that was primarily designed for urban use. The Sportrak is suprisingly extremely capable of offroad use.

The Sportrak is known in the UK for its Trademark resin removable roof which is normally silver in colour but on the Midnight limited edition it was colourcoded to the same colour as the body which makes the Sportrak Midnight more sought after than some of the other Sportraks.

The Sportrak has a 1.6 petrol engine which can do 0-60 in around 11.5 seconds which beats the Vitara by around 2 seconds!