Identifying gear or cam belt driven engines



Does anyone know how I can definitely identify whether my DL51 TD engine has a cam belt or has gear driven timing without removing the timing cover this possible Unknw
I am presuming at the moment its belt driven..but I just realised I could be wrong.


Mike, Dont quote me but, my m

Mike, Dont quote me but, my manual which covers belt driven engines only refers to a ventilation tube exiting from the top left of the cover when viewed from the front. The 3 2.8 motors which I have had dealings with have not had this tube. It appears, comparing the picture in the manual, to the cover on my motor, that mine protrudes more to the front, where the gears would be. Mine also has a Daihatsu logo on the right hand side of the cover, which is omitted from the manual picture. I assume therefore, that mine is gear driven.

Hope this helps
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belt or gear

i've noticed that belt driven engines have a plastic front cover - gear driven have an aluminium cast cover.

Thanks fellas Hmm I have t

Thanks fellas

Hmm I have the aluminium cast cover..its an 88 its one of the earlier ones. I read somwhere that the earlier engines were gear driven. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and have a look.
Thanks for your help though chaps.

Gear driven??

Hi Mike,
I am almost sure that DL 50 and 51 id gear driven and belt driven started with the DL52.

Thanks all for your comments.

Thanks all for your comments...dunno why I thought I had a DL51 engine in my track cos it clearly says on LARGE LABEL on rocker cover that its a many thousands of times have I looked at that label..weird !
Anyways I am now convinced that it is a gear driven so once again thanks y'all.