Clutch question - adjust or replace?


I have a clutch problem that I can't find information about to help me diagnose.

Recently, I have found that I barely need to depress the clutch pedal to change gear, perhaps an inch at most.

Is this indicative of a worn clutch or some other problem?

Is it likely that it needs replacing? Or that I may merely need to make an adjustment somewhere?

There is no rattling or screaching etc. and the car has served me very well so far.

My car is a Daihatsu Grand Move+ 1.6L T-reg.

Before buying in 2002, I test drove 3 different Grand Moves, and noticed that they all seem to have stiff clutches compared to some other cars.
Is this symptomatic of a particular type of clutch assembly?

Thank you for any assistance.


I shall look at getting some quotes, I considered doing it myself - but to be frank, I just don't have the time and my other car isn't suitable for my needs as a full time replacement - especially as you can't get a double bass into it like you can with the Grand Move.

What kind of price range would you expect from an honest garage for a clutch job on a Grand Move?



Clutch kit around £100.00
For a good garage to put it in for you add another £100 to £150 depending on the garage.



clutch costs

Ok, thank you for that - I feel more comfortable having a vague idea of what to expect.
Naturally if someone gives me a huge quote I can ask "Why" etc...

Cluth Slip

I agree it does seem that the cluth is on its last legs . Have you found it slipping at all on hills? You can test it by driving slowly along, keep your right foot on the accelerator and dip and relaese the clutch. If it drags itself back in then it is slipping. Do it on a quiet road and probably at no more than 20mph in say 3rd. Let the clutch come up without control or you wont get the resulyt, it should be disengage and relaese. If the car jolts and picks up with out the dragging of a slipping clutch then the problem may be the cable is stretched. If the clutch were hydralic then it could be air but I don't think the Move is Hydraulic.

I am not familiar with the Move but most clutches are diaphram and self adjust although you can adjust the top play on the pedal using the cable on some Daihatsu models.

I would almost certainly suspect the clutch is worn but unless you have noticed it slipping then you do need to look at cheaper options first.




Ok thanks, I'll try that.

Clutch problem - understanding the system


I've been thinking about this over the last couple of days (I haven't had time to work on the car yet due to work commitments) and what I want to understand, is why a (probably) worn clutch, would result in the symptoms described (barely needing to press the pedal for effective action).

The reason being, that most descriptions of clutch failure describe a situation whereby the clutch-pedal has to be pressed ALL the way to the floor to facilitate a gear change.

I'm not discounting that it's a worn clutch - I'm just curious as to *why* the symptoms are as they are - is it because there is barely any friction material left? therefore less movement is required? is it possible that another part of the clutch assembly has stretched or worn away etc...

I guess I just want to really understand the mechanics and principles behind it all.

Does anyone have any theories?