Hi can anyone come up with any good ideas on what could be wrong with my fourtrak? Its a 1993 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX. The problem is that when driving & going at 2000 revs & above, the revs stay too high & takes a long while to drop to idle. Seems worse when the engine is warm. I've checked the cable thought it my be snagging but it isn't that. Any help would be much appreciated. Scratch one-s head


Usually it is an injection pump problem, either on the anti stall mechanism or the diaghphram is damaged, both these are internal and will need a Bosch or independent specialist.

Remove the throttle cable at the injection pump, operate this by hand and see if the problem still occurs, and also check the hand throttle mechanism.
Often these will become detached on the back of the hand control knob and hold the throttle open slightly, until the vibration of the engine closes it slowly.

Eliminating these problems will mean the injection pump. It may be prudent to have the entire pump reconditioned while it is off, the extra costs will be minimal, and it will ensure the unit is as new, and warranted.

Thanks assassin, I'll try

Thanks assassin, I'll try what you said at weekend and if no joy it looks like a trip to the specialist thanks again.