windy days


i just drove from manchester to london - it was a bit windy, and my hi jet was blown all over the motorway! it seems really dangerous to me. i nearly gave up and left it in a service station. does anyone else find this? will heavier wheels help? i suppose motorways aren't its forte...

Windy days...

Yes, alloys are the answer for stability. Cornering is great to now.


Even on the A14 we get blown

Even on the A14 we get blown from lane to lane, but then we've just found out the van had really crappy car tyres on it that were all out of shape!

I'm driving from Ipswich to Dorset on Friday so I'll report back if the new tyres have made a difference, if I remember!

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Windy Hijet!

Good luck on your trip! I had a new set of Commercial truck tyres fitted, and it still wanders all over the road in windy Suffolk! >Sad


Hi there, i can only say that since changing over to alloy,s AND putting on 175/70/13 my hi jet stays as steady as most other vehicles, infact it did improve things 5oo per cent,better ride, cut the bounce and bumps ect, prior to that tho, yes they do get blown about a bit, but just take your time.175s DO fit ok, just enough clearance, but you do really need to put little arches, on to stop spay, chucking muck all over!

R .S

Hijet Stability

Hi, i can also confirm that after fitting alloys to my Hijet it has transformed the ride considerably.

However, that said, its still a small van and still neds to be driven carefully in windy conditions. It aint a F1 Hijet so i still drive it carefully to avoid a love affair withe bushes and ditches!!!!!

Go for 13 inch alloys mate and feel the difference., speak to Duncan about a set of KN minatours.

Kind regards. Brendan. ( Zeebra 3 )

Well, that's good news,

Well, that's good news, seeing as I was already ordering some new alloys, just for the looks! I've gone for 13" (thanks, Brendan) minilites. Where's the best place to get spats/arches from?

Wheel arch extentions

Hello mate, i got my arch spats from

They do them in plain black or chrome effect. They are the dogs Bollocks and just the ticket. They come ready to fit with the strong 3M tape on the back. Just peel off and fit. I lined mine up first before i stuck them on just to make sure all four were in the right place for best effect and looks. They cost me £30 including postage for 4 ( Packs of 2)

They are more than upto the job for M.O.T purposes

Regards. Brendan