sirion manual ???


hi guys
we just got a 2000 model sirion

we have read here to contact any uk daihatsu dealer and we can buy a workshop manual on cd

so far no uk Daihatsu dealers have returned our emails re this manual

any ideas , anyone want to copy their manual and send it to us {will reimburse any costs}

we live in australia where this manual is not available

without a manual this car is not viable to us

many thanks

I sympathise with your

I sympathise with your problem, i have had the same kind of responses from the Dealerships all through my 18 years of loyal Daihatsu ownership.
Kinghams of Croydon said they would send me an accessories booklet, several prompt emails later still no response or booklet. Shockingly it was Keith Kingham i contacted, CHEERS KEITH HAVE YOU FORGOT THERES A RECESSION, CUSTOMERS NEEDED???? :mad:

Have you any friends or relatives in the UK or Europe that could get a copy from their local dealership and send it over to you?

I dont have Sirion, only manuals for the YRV, YRV Turbo, G100 Charade inc GTti which i paid alot of money for, including a huge amount of time and errort to find them. Trouble is, alot of owners want a copy but i find when a nominal cost is mentioned they fall quiet. I always try to help anyone and feel its a small price to pay. Think this is why no one owns up to having one, to avoid sharing it for free.

Keep the car, dont give up on it!!

Current- 04 Silver YRV TURBO
Past- 91 Black Charade GTti, 89 White Charade GTti, 1998 White 1.3 Hi-Jet.
A friend in need is a friend in deed, a friend always in need, an Effin nuisance!!

Current- 04 Silver YRV TURBO
Past- 91 Charade GTti, 89 Charade GTti, 98 1.3 Hi-Jet.
A friend in need is a friend indeed, a friend always in need, an Effin nuisance Wink

Hi to all,i'm from Italy and

Hi to all,i'm from Italy and also i'searching for workshop manual for my Sirion 1.5 with 3sz-ve engine.I've contacted Daihatsu several times but they hadn't answerd to me...Someone knows something to find a manual in Europe?

thanks DDAVE,

thanks DDAVE,

no i dont have any friends or family in uk or europe ??
a 2007 post on this forum said that the workshop manual cd was about 29 pounds then
- got any nephews who would help us out for a fee on top of the cost and postage ??

it is a nice little car in good condition ; we want to keep it that way
at the moment 50 pounds is about $120 of our dollars

anyone else got any ideas on how to get one ??
how do you guys work on your cars without references to torque settings and stuff etc ??