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Hi, new to the form and site. Thanks for the tips and help so far but I am after seeing if anyone can help. I have just replaced a valve and subsequent engine parts, but as getting to sort out the other little things I was checking the front hubs out, and inside one of the auto free wheeling hubs there is a metal ring that has deformed and wondered if someone out there had one or could tell me what the part number would be.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Can you be more specific, there are many rings in the front auto hubs; individual parts are not available, but some can be made at home easily.

If this is a ring round in section, about 2mm thick, with two lugs on, this is the actuating spring, if it is a dished washer, its the spring locating plate.

Sorry it is the part as you

Sorry it is the part as you first described, round, and about 50mm in diameter, barss in colour 2-3mm thich but doubled over for about 20mm on two ends. There are tapers on the underside that go to two approm 5x5mm wide lugs that insert into the main body of the hub.

Hope this helps a little more but thanks for you reply.

Ignorance is self-inflicted


Looked at the manual and I now know what they are called I need an Outer cam and a Hub break spring, can anyone help?

Ignorance is self-inflicted


No internal spares are available, it looks like a breaker for a secondhand unit, usually i make anything like this myself.

Read my previous posts before installing it, this will tell you how to stop them breaking.

thanks for the reply guess

thanks for the reply guess will look at posts and get making

Ignorance is self-inflicted