Loose air hose on the right hand side of 1.6 engine.



I have just brought a 1990 Feroza 1.6 EL, I have noticed a hose that goes nowhere on the right hand side of the engine. There is also a hose that runs off the top of the radiator from the air filter on top of the engine.Under this hose there is an connection for a hose of the same bore as the loose hose going nowhere. Does the loose hose connect under the one mentioned above.

I wish i had a manual?


Loose Hose

I think the hose you are refering to is the one which runs from the exhaust manifold heat shield. This hose should be connected to the bottom off the main hose which supplies air to the air filter at the point were the air temperature control is. It connects underneath the unit.

loose hose

Thanks Tonym, ive just reconnected the hose underneath the air temp control i thick, its the flat round plate with a wire runing to the engine, just on top off the hose and fittings above the radiator....

I,ll see how i go mate, once again many thanks...