Another 4-Trak Key Problem



Just bought a 98(R) TDX (with central locking) and the previous owners only had one key left, this is the original grey-ended factory supplied key. They did not have the black-ended key.

As I understand the situation all 4-Traks from 1994 onwards were factory fitted with engine immobilisers and the black-ended key was the master key from which the code could be copied to other keys when having them recut.

Our nearest Daihatsu dealer (140 mile round trip) says they can order a replacement master key for £60.00+VAT and then put the car on a computer and read the code from the car and then re-code the master key for approx. £10.00+VAT. Then I can get as many slave keys cut as required. Is this reasonable?

I have read other posts where it is said getting a secondhand ignition barrel and locks is an alternative (we also have a 90(R) Fieldman from which we could get ignition barrel and locks) - but will these work with the immobiliser fitted on the TDX and the central locking?

Also is there a way of getting rid of the immobiliser or by-passsing it so we can just get new keys cut that don't need coding?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


This is a reasonable price, but replacing the barrel and key will simply do nothing more than prevent the vehicle from starting. The key and barrel work together from an emitted signal, this allows the immobiliser to operate and allow the vehicle to start.

If you remove the immobiliser unit all together, it is possible, but you may run into insurance problems if the vehicle is stolen. This is because the insurance quote is based upon the premise that it is fitted with a factory fitted immobiliser, and insurance is priced accordingly.
Turn the tables slightly, if you were an insurer and someone removed the immobiliser from a vehicle and it was stolen, would you pay out? no would be the answer.

A friend had a similar problem only a few weeks ago, he is still trying to resolve this issue with his insurers as the previous owner removed the immobiliser.