valve spring cap


Blush hello again. Help does anybody have a spare valve retaining cap for a sportrak engine? Sad .i am in need of this part to get my sporty back on the road,any help would be fantastic Biggrin .i am in jay





there are not any sportraks in my local yard }:) ,does anybody know what other daihatsus share the hd-e type engine? Help


Suggestion !!!!

Have you tried engine rebuilders, feel sure this engine would have a sharing with a Toyota block, could be a cross reference. I believe Diahatsu bought their engines in, as well as other parts,for Fourtraks and Sportraks as they had a tie up with Toyota, now the present owners, or majority of. A PM to 'assassin' may help you. Your flag says US, but could be a US internet provider, it may help others to help you, if you state where you actually are. 'Whoops' see you are in Cornwall, UK. !!!!

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX


found an abandoned sportrak yesterday in a local feild,farmer said it was scrap and to help myself to what i needed Biggrin .howzat for luck. Blum 3



The engine was indeed a Toyota unit and components are available from them, you will need the engine number and designation code.

Take this to a helpful Toyota dealer and it may be possible they have one knocking around in their stores or workshops.

The engine designation code should be on a plate on the engine block somewhere, depending upon engine type. Many parts were interchangable between engines as they were merely uprated rather than full new engines, but uprated engines carried a different designation code.