Fourtrak Pickup parts?


Alright people?

Just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of the following items for an F plate 2.8 non turbo Daihatsu F70 Rocky Fourtrak Pickup. Im after a set of replacement panels to make a new loadbed (old one has rotted away) and a new fuel tank.

many thanks for any help

Where are you ?...I know wher

Where are you ?...I know where there is a Fourtrak Pickup sitting in a breakers yard...load bay seems to be intact...its got its engine too..non turbo..most of the ancillary stuff has gone..starter,alternator etc

As far as a 'new' tank is concerned..this would only be available from a dealer for an arm and a leg.
The tanks on earlier models were made from really crap steel and rotted very quickly (I take it you have realised this).

I have sucessfully repaired my own by patching and fibreglassing it.
I also have a spare 'old' tank in need of patching.
Another alternative is to have it coated in plastic...there are firms that do this for around £60.
I am in Glasgow...if you are anywhere near here let me know and I will point you in the right direction to the scrappy and a firm that coats tanks.

Two freinds of mine had the s

Two freinds of mine had the same problem with there separat pick-up's. They removed the old bodies, and made up flat beds (slightly wider than the original bodies). One of them also made up drop-sides. They are much more useful as flatbeds, and there's room between the bed & the chassis to put the spare wheel.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

yeah had considered getting s

yeah had considered getting some kind of bed made up bout itd have to be made to the same size as the original as ive got an Ifor Williams trucktop id like to keep.

Where about in glasgow are you mike? in just south of aberdeen, may be interested on swiping that loadbed if its in decent nick! not sure how id go about it but sure i could come upwith some solution to get it home!

I am in Paisley which is very

I am in Paisley which is very near Glasgow....I am pretty sure that the bed is in fairly good nick m8..probably do with a bit of paint...its sitting in a scrappy very close to Ibrox Stadium..if you were seriously considering it I would move quickly on it cos it looks like it may go to the crusher sooner than later..tho as I say it still has its wheels..its ready for the crusher I would say.

If you want I could take a wander down there and ascertain its condition for you and also enquire as to how much they would want for it...seen as you are pretty far away and its just round the corner from me.

Getting it back to Aberdeen should'nt be a huge about hiring a car transporter or large trailerfor the day...the blokes at the scrappy would help get it off for you I am sure.

tell ya what mike, if youre d

tell ya what mike, if youre down there any time soon, ask how much they would want for it. someone told me its only 4 large bolts holding the bad in place, and im not too bad with a mig welder so maybe chopping it into flat sections then piecing it back together later could be a plan?