Help! Hijet cutting out but only at 55mph or on hills.. EGR valve??


Hi, I wonder if anyone knows about this one.. I have a 993 Hijet, carb not injection. It'll drive around town or tickover all day but if you get her up to 5th gear and start cruising (or going more than 40mph up slight incline) she'll start stuttering and cutting out. She'll sometimes die completely then restart almost right away and then drive normally until you get up to that speed etc. at which point she'll do the same thing.
This is definately an intake/fuel starvation problem as it's a gradual 'hesitating' thing instead of a sudden cut off. I've ruled out loose connections/fuel pump etc. as like I say she'll happily drive around town in 3rd and 4th all day.

It's making an otherwise excellent van unreliable and I'm not confident going any distance now..

I have heard that this is a common prob and is nearly always the EGR valve.. Has a 993 carb model got an EGR valve?, where is it, what does it do and is it likely to be this?

Excellent forum, glad of your experience and help.

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I have now found that it definately is a fuel supply problem, it's getting worse and my fab Hijet is now
cutting out almost anywhere.. luckily the last time was on the drive whilst ticking over.. useful as I was able to
remove the float bowl drain plug and as expected bugger-all fuel came out.. must be either the pump, blockage? or
maybe the needle valve. Anything I should know before I drop the fuel tank..?

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take carb off an soak in parrifin. make sure pipes clean, take air fillter out an run with out one for while . try that mate


I would forget egr for now.

I would forget egr for now. Sounds like faulty fuel pump or blocked fuel filter. Check breather to fuel tank is there a vacumm when you release fuel cap.