How many miles will a 2.8 Fourtrak do?


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What is the expected milage likely to be had out of a 2.8 Fourtrak before major problems mine has now done 166K?
I have just bought a new fuel filter and 20 ltres of cooking oil from Makro. Can I just add this to 20 ltres of diesel and off we go without any further modifications or am I looking for trouble at this high milage?
Should she run ok and give similar MPG to straight diesel?
Does the cooking oil and diesel have to be mixed before filling up or will it take care of itself if just poured straight into the tank?

good servicing endless milage

My 2.8 td is now coming up toward the 2nd big turn around of the clock and occasionally still use a bit of veg oil mixed with diesal, but i prefer neat diesal in the winter without the proper oil heating kit thats on the market.
Still starts first time at the flick of the key.

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Veg Oil


Fourtrak milage on my '92 TDX is clock + 70 thou, all I have replaced on the engine are filters, timing belt and heater plugs, plus tappet adjustment The engine is pretty bullet proof if serviced correctly, it was made to servive in third world areas. just do not use FULLY SYNTHETIC oils in the engine, use a Semi Synthetic or mineral oil. Oil changes must be made regulary if you run a veg oil mix. See "Assassins " posts on this.

I run a 50/50 veg oil/ diesel mix when cost effective and thats now, 80p Lt New Rapeseed Oil, £1.10p cheapest diesel localy. I just put the diesel and then add the veg oil, no pre mixing.. You will need working heater plugs on cold starts , especialy cold mornings, and have to get used to the initial smoke on start up and the smell which will follow you around !!!!. Suggest you use a weaker veg mix to start with.

Read "assasins" post re "Bio-Fuels" ,home page top, left "Forums". Change fuel filter before using veg oil mix and keep a spare and tools to replace and bleed , just in case you have problems with crud released from fuel tank.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

How long is a piece of

How long is a piece of string? it depends upon many factors, mainly servicing and maintenance of previous owners.

Twice round the clock is common, even for the most abused examples, but i know of two original hard working (farms) examples. One has covered over 500,000 miles, the other over 600,000 miles without anything other than consumable parts and normal servicing. The 600,000 mile example is on a local farm and passed me the other day, battered, but running perfectly.

Driving is a major factor, the engines will work hard and not suffer, but a little knowledge will improve the engines life, particularly the turbocharger. When starting from cold, let the engine idle for at least a minute without pulling off, or revving it. This allows the oil time to fully circulate and build up enough heat to dissipate moisture in the oil.
Do not rev it hard when driving, let the engine fully warm first before working it heavily, and when stopping the engine, allow it to tick over for about a minute before switching it off. This allows the turbocharger to stop from 100,000+ RPM while maintaining the oil supply to the turbo, so no expensive turbo replacements.


My old bus as done 237000mls and its still going strong.Just give it a regular service and dont thrash it around it should last a hell of along time Smile