Greetings All,

My name is Skippy and I now own a 1998 'R'Reg HiJet wheelchair mobility vehicle. Despite being disabled, I actually intend to use the van as a mini-camper as well as load lugger Smile

As it's an Ex-motorbility vehicle, its seen it's fair share of dings etc, somebody has tried to respray the drivers door etc, unfortuantely 70% of which came back off yesterday afternoon when I jet washed it for the first time! The van has spent the last couple of years parked under a carport with a tarp over it and had gone a bit green! My wife and I set too to give it a clean up and this was the first surprise we got.............. Fortunately I can spray 2 Pack etc and have access to the facilities to do it (rare these days) so I hope to be able to rectify the body faults etc. in the medium term.

I am about to service it but have run into a major problem..................... How do I get the plugs out? Smile The airfilter was reasonable easy, but as I can't access the rear engine panel (due to the wheelchair loading ramp winch etc.) I'm stuck trying to get the plugs out via the access hatch under the passenger seat or from underneath; boy do I wish I had ramp or pit! I have the vehicle tool kit, including the plug spanner and if anybody can tell me how to ge the thing ON the plug I will be impressed. I'm not a mechanical inept having built, rebuilt and restored numeous vehicles over the years; even the Relaint Rialto I chopped up and turned into an off roader had better access than this!!

Any suggestions or offers of advice appreciated.

just changed my plugs 3

just changed my plugs 3 weeks ago on my 1997 Hijet.
all access was via the passenger seat access.
you will need nimble fingers and you cant "see" anything!
start with the far left plug as thats the hardest.
took me 1/2 hour 1st time doing the job.

also, i was given the wring plugs for my van! the plugs "nut" was too big to fit inside the head cavity, i replaced mine with what i took out the van. not whats specified by all manuals/online etc.
a new Hijet Forum
a new Hijet Forum