front prop not engaging


Hi I have a 93reg fourtrak and im having a problem with the front prop not engaging. I have taken the back cover off the transfer box and when using the transfer lever it engages inside the box but doesn't make any attemp to turn the prop. Also the pipes for the vacuum system in 4Hi have been disconnected and havn't got a clue where they are to find them and reconnect. Any help would be great


Hi and welcome.

The transfer lever only engages Lo range, the vacuum switch engages the output shaft/front prop. Selection of Lo range via the lever should activate the vacuum switch, as in Hi you only need to select via the Dash Switch.

Contact me via the Private Message box, and I will see if I have any diagrams in a parts manual I have, which I could forward to you re pipe work.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

vacuum pump?

Where abouts is the vacuum pump roughly located located. the 4H (and maybe 4L) isn't engaging properly if at all, going to try and have a look at it tomorrow sometime. oh Its on a '99 2.8 TDX Fourtrak


Edit:- rather than double posting I'll tack this on the end of here, had a look at it today and the front prop is not engaging at all in 4H or 4L, is this gonna have to be new transfer/gear box+transfer box?
Sorry for hijacking this thread thought it was better than starting another new one.

Airless !!!!! in a vacuum


The vacuum pump is attached/built into to the rear of the alternator, A sliding vane pump, not known for causing problems. Check out your pipe work for splits or dissconection and the actuator diaframs. As said before selection via the 4WD LO range should activate the diafram , the stick only engages LO range, the actuator engages the front prop output, as it do's for 4HI via the dash switch

Most unlikely a replacement transfer box is required.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

There be a hole in me pipe!

Been under it today and found theres a hole in the pipe going into the front of the transfer box just above where the front prop comes out to the passenger side (off side?) of where the pipe in question comes out a few wires go in (i assume a sensor or similar). Sorry for all the questions, haven't got a workshop manual for the post '92 models at the moment.


EDIT :- All sorted now replaced the pipe in question and seems to be working, thanks to help and advice from Mr Carter (vowchurch)