Mira Classic Wheel size


Hi all,
I've recently acquired a 1999 Mira Classic and was wondering if anyone can confirm the wheel size on these as I cannot get the details anywhere.
I've done a search on here which says Miras are 4x110 but whats the offset and centre bore?

I was thinking about changing the wheels for some Ford ones with wobble bolts as they're pretty close at 4 x108, but need the other specs as well.


For future reference

For future reference the wheels on a Mira Classic are 4x110 et35(ish) and a centre bore of 66. Ford wheels have a bore of 63 and even though the stud pattern will just fit the bore won't.
Gen 1 RX-7 wheels are 4x110 et35-40 and have a c/b of 73. So far these are the only other wheels I've seen that will fit, but they're not exactly common...