Terios - OEM Roof Rail Installation Help


Hi from Sydney, I recently got some second hand genuine Terios roof rails for my 2003 model from a wreckers yard (that's what we call a breakers yard here in Oz). They were taken off a higher end model. Over here the Terios model I have is called the DX which is the base model and it doesn't come with the factory fitted roof rails that run down either side of the roof on top of the 2 rain gutters.

I will be picking them up in a couple of days but wanted to find out if anyone else has fitted these and if so was it a hard job? Once the rubber is lifted from the rain gutters, are there already pre drilled holes there or do I have to cut into the metal on the roof myself? Does the roof lining inside need to be removed as well?

Has anyone done a similar install to their Terios or other vehicles where they got the OEM factory rails and fitted them? I want to get roof racks eventually but got the rails first so that I could mount the racks to them to carry heavier loads.

Any help would be appreciated.

Roof rail installation help

I am interested in the same thing. Have roof rails and before destroying too much wondered if anyone else had retro fitted original roof rails to a 2003 Terios.