Website itself


Any chance/demand to make this site Firefox compatible Unknw
(No I'm not keen on the M*******t product).

Ray Warren


I use the site with Firefox without any probs. Which bits do you have trouble with?

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The website should work in Firefox as thats the only Browser I use to test the website when doing any development. In fact the only time I notice any strangeness is in IE... Have used Firefox in OSX, Linux, and Windows... So has been tested on all 3 major platforms Smile
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Website Behaviour

Yes, I know this is an old thread, but rather than starting a new one .....

I use Firefox as my main browser (currently version 3.5.8) and I notice a weird thing.

When browsing in Firefox I get multiple instances of an image on a page. What appears to be a ginger haired person with large round glasses apparently photographed during gale force winds.

When I go to Internet Explorer then all is normal without this image.

Has anyone else had this and have you found a fix for it?