DL 2.8 turbo


If you please Dear friends of Daihatsu drivers I need the ignition system of DL turbo 2.8 eng. to apply it on my eng. ,, I have no manual it does,nt
exisist in our country any info. you note
it will be usefull .. Hopefully the progress to our Daihatsu Drivers
Makhyoun evergreen

Ignition system

Hi there,
Can you be more specific. Your DL 2.8 is a diesel right ??
I have the manual but need to now more to help.

PS. where do you live ??. I live in Denmark

DL 2.8 turbo ignition system

it is a Daihatsu DL turbo 2.8 diesel fitted in Land Rover 110
I live in Cairo Egypt, this conversion is common in England
my technical consultant is Milner Conversion , Holmewood,England
I try to get more info. about this engine , it is not common in Egypt , and the manual does,nt exisist ,,,I,ll be grateful for any info. you will send , Thanks

Thank you very much...

I'd bye the CD ROM manual tha

I'd bye the CD ROM manual that LuRcH sells on this web site, if I were you. I know most of the info will be usless to you, but everything you want to know about your engine should be in there.

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